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13/07/2016 | The Salvatore Maugeri Foundation Hospital in Tradate has Also chosen Entrematic Solutions!

Works to complete the brand new pavilion at the Salvatore Maugeri Foundation Institute – a national point of reference in Italian specialist rehabilitation – are coming to an end.

The new pavilion in Tradate, outside Milan is a forward-thinking structure, which saw the collaboration of companies and suppliers capable of offering innovative technological solutions for its construction.

Entrematic was one such company involved in this important new structure, thanks to the great work carried out by our dealer SR INGRESSI AUTOMATICI.

The three entrances have been automated using Ditec NeoS motors.

The entrance to the temperature-controlled area for ambulances is equipped with two Ditec Sector rapid roll-up doors: unique for their reliability and safety, thanks to the system of modular counterweights, which make them the ideal solution not only for large spaces, but also where fast access is important. Thanks to the use of Ditec brand rapid doors, it is possible to avoid unpleasant temperature changes, providing an obvious benefit to patients who pass through the temperature-controlled entrance.

The central transparent section of the roll-up door also guarantees greater visibility and improves safety during passage.

The internal entrances and doors leading to the various areas have also been renewed, with an entry-door solution using two Ditec Valor automatic breakout doors with Ditec ALU48 frames. The selection of this automation system, certified in line with strict TÜV standards was also dictated by the need for a solution with all the most innovative safety, self-adjustment and control devices based on advanced electronics, which can also be monitored remotely thanks to the DMCS (Door Monitoring & Controlling System), and active infra-red presence sensors Ditec PASA and PASAA2.

The contractor who carried out the work on the new pavilion placed its trust in our dealer SR INGRESSI AUTOMATICI, who is one of the leading companies in the country, with more than twenty years experience in the sector.

A big thank you to them from Entrematic and from all the patients at the new pavilion of the Salvatore Maugeri Foundation hospital in Tradate!